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"In the last few days, it came out that a recent effort to vaccinate people against measles in South Sudan went very wrong. 15 kids have died and dozens of others have become sick. South Sudan's in the middle of a brutal, years-long civil war. Tens of thousands of people have died and nearly two million have been forced to leave home. Meanwhile, the country's one of several suffering from famine in the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. All of this has made it hard to keep up with the country's basic healthcare needs. The government's in the middle of a measles vaccination campaign that's supposed to protect millions of kids. But in one village, people giving it out used unsafe practices like reusing needles and not refrigerating the vaccine. The World Health Organization - which helps the gov give out vaccines - says the people giving the shots weren't qualified or trained. The gov's still moving forward with vaccinations, but looking into how to make the process safer" A recent report on South Sudan ...

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